Like a tropical paradise trapped in a bottle, ACQUA DI GIO is a delicious blend that will have women fawning over you with just one spray. As a best-selling cologne since 1997, ACQUA DI GIO is one of the most refined and exotic scents from the GIORGIO ARMANI line, garnering great reviews online from men around the world. Just like the Mediterranean, this aromatic and aquatic scent is timeless and perfect for men of all ages. With its blend of juicy citrus fruits, cool aquatic notes, fresh blossoms, and warm spices, ACQUA DI GIO is the only eau de toilette you’ll need in your collection. Whether its summer, winter, fall or spring, ACQUA DI GIO is perfect for an evening adventure, a date with an exotic stranger, or lunch with the guys, the game, and great food. Wherever you wear it, you’ll easily be the best dressed, with no effort at all. Just point and spray and ACQUA DI GIO will do the rest. In need of a genius gift idea? ACQUA DI GIO is a perfect gift, whether you’re thinking about a rollerball for your friend who loves to travel, a new parfum for your dad, or a refill of your brother’s favorite perfume, ACQUA DI GIO will become their new favorite. Infused with rich oil and tangy fresh lemon, lime, and mandarin as well cyclamen, musk, and patchouli, this fragrance is packaged in a unique and classic container, A search in your finder will show that other brands and big names have tried to create their own perfumes like ACQUA DI GIO, but nothing can ever compare to the organic smell of this alluring fragrance. Haven’t tried ACQUA DI GIO yet? Try a sample today, you won’t be able to put it down. Why ACQUA DI GIO? Breaking down barriers in the fashion world, and known for his clean and crisp men’s apparel, Armani has made a bold statement designing ACQUA DI GIO. Delving into the deepest parts of men’s masculinity,ACQUA DI GIO captures what it is to be a rugged and effortlessly cool man.

Product Features

  • A medley of aromatic and aqua notes
  • Made for the carefree and effortless man
  • Perfect for an evening adventure or lunch with friends
  • Blends of bergamot oak moss and cool oceanic notes
  • Packaged in a classic and simple 1.7 ounce bottle