AlfaMarker is a unique and convincing combination of copulinum pheromones and sexy fragrant notes. Copulin plays a useful role in mood, concentration and sexual response, as well as in dissociative selection in men through attribution of women’s attractiveness.

According to biologists from Vienna University Karl Grammer and Astrid Jutte, copulin blocks a man’s ability to judge a woman’s attractiveness by her appearance and the sound of her voice.
These chemicals attract a man to a woman – even if the man was not interested in the woman because of her appearance or the sound of her voice.

AlfaMarker a mixture of copulinum pheromones makes men more susceptible to contact.

The benefits for women using ALFAMARKER FLAME perfumes with pheromones can be quite significant.
The most obvious benefit is the ability to attract more men more often.
The composition of women’s fragrances AlfaMarker has notes of a natural biological smell, which provides a clear signal of accessibility for any man who is currently able to selectively feel it.
Since it is too sexy, men perceive you as a welcome woman.

And that is a wonderful feeling.

This works well for women who are in a relationship or just want to meet a handsome guy.
It will make you feel sexy and warm.
You can use it anywhere without suppressing.
Create more opportunities to meet high-level men. It can be in a store, sitting in a cafe or meeting people at work. Or you can use it to create an affair with this special person

Product Features

  • FORMULA OF NEW GENERATION. Pheromone formula of a new generation of restored pheromones with copulin structure for women. Copulins are the most powerful female pheromones for attracting men. This group of pheromones makes men more susceptible to contact.
  • ADDITIONAL PHEROMONE FORMULA – the highest concentration of female pheromone components activates more behavioral neurons, because more pheromone signals reach the activation threshold
  • LUXURIOUS LASTING FRAGRANCE AlfaMarker – a unique and irresistible combination of pheromones and sexy fragrant notes. Alfamarker Flame perfectly emphasizes charm and sex appeal.
  • UNIQUE COMBINATION for women and sexy fragrant notes in Alfamarker perfume oil for women for maximum results to attract men. Strive for greater success by attracting hot men who will want to be near you
  • ALFAMARKER PHEROMONE PERFUME ESSENTIAlL OIL FOR WOMEN FLAME is a highly concentrated formula for maximum results, and a magnificent deep, refined and aristocratic multi-color aroma with a floral-honey tint