India is a journey that you are unlikely to forget, prepare to be completely fazed by its resplendent architecture, its innate spirituality and the smiles and elegance of its men and women. Make a point of visiting the lush tea plantations to appreciate the abundance that India’s low-lying stream-fed lands have to yield and let the tea’s fragrance waft over you. Then enjoy quenching your thirst with this generous beverage of the Maharajas. The generosity of black Assam tea grown at very low altitude, at water level, exudes finesse and exigence. Assam of India assembled Lemon from Menton, Indian Tea, Sandalwood from Mysore. Specificity : maceration extended for a month in specific tank and a 15% concentration (eau de parfum). Olfactory creation from Jennifer Riley.

Product Features

  • The subtle perfume of tea leaves.
  • The black Assam tea, grown at water level, exudes finesse, firmness and generosity.
  • Fragrance Family: Woody, Oriental.
  • Notes: Menton Lemon, Mysore Sandalwood and Indian Tea