Bond No. 9’s latest Eau de Parfum–New York Nights, which celebrates the infusions of colorful lights that are routinely switched on atop a growing number of Manhattan’s skyscrapers every evening. Some of these lights are shimmering incandescents; others are the same now-ubiquitous but still otherworldly luminescent LEDs that glow at us from our computer and smart phone screens. It started with the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings powering on their celebratory beams every nightfall. After all, how better to illuminate their Art Deco spires?

Product Features

  • This after-dark skyline was the inspiration for New York Nights
  • The Eau de Parfum, which infiltrates the air with similar elation
  • Its top notes are unabashedly romantic and floral–jasmine and gardenia
  • Then come the warm, seductive heart notes–patchouli and sandalwood, enlivened with a clean floral marine accord