The world’s rarest white tea grows in a secret garden, perched high in the Himalayas. Only there, in remote Nepal, can the silvery buds flourish and ripen. Bulgari imagined a fragrant transcription of this precious elixir: Eau Parfumée thé Blanc. Delicately aromatic, the soothing scent evokes pristine mountain peaks and endless sky. Eau Parfumée thé Blanc: an enveloping halo of serenity and peace, an experience of reassuring comfort. Created by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier, 2002 Serene Comfort Calm A delicate fragrance with captivating and intimate nuances, inspired by precious white tea. TOP Artemisia and White Pepper Rising aromatic notes, delicately nuanced HEART White Tea Accord and Ambrette A harmoniously sweet and musky cocoon DRY DOWN Musk and Woody Amber Their subtle warmth amplifies the composition BOTTLE A pristine prism of clear and frosted glass, warmed with golden accents – a treasure to hold and behold.