Creme Dingenue’s All Natural 100% Natural Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil 4 Oz is a pure undiluted gentle aromatic essential oil known to be soothing to mind and body. Our essential oil may be used with aromatherapy or as a topical application. Oil MUST be diluted when used topically. Therapeutic uses: relieves stress, tension, insomnia, and headaches; helps heal bites, cuts, burns, and scrapes; provides anti aging protection; helps heal skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema; and when diluted with a carrier oil and used in massage it can alleviate muscle pain, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and detoxify the body. Arrives diffuser ready in large 4 oz dark amber bottle with glass dropper.

HOW TO USE LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL 4 Oz BATH – Excellent for tired muscles, relaxation and stress relief. Add 6-8 drops Lavender essential oil into your warm bath water and vigorously agitate water. Or you can use Plantlife Lavender Bath Salts to receive the benefits of Lavender as well as the Celtic Sea Salt. Lie back and enjoy!

DIFFUSING – Great to promote relaxation. Diffuse right before bed for a good nights sleep or diffuse in your home to calm everyone’s nerves. Make sure it’s always 100% pure essential oil and not some fake fragrance, which has no benefit. Want to learn how to diffuse properly? Watch this video.
MESSAGE – Use Plantlife Lavender Massage Oil for your next massage, a great way to not only relax the mind but also tight, sore muscles.

COMPRESS – In a bowl of cool water (about 8oz), add 6-8 drops Lavender essential oil 4 Oz and gently swirl to mix. Soak a cloth then squeeze out the excess water and apply. Great for headaches, tired eyes (too much computer…) or to rejuvenate the skin on your face! Excellent for sunburns, burns, chaffed skin and so much more. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Product Features

  • 100% pure concentrated steam distilled lavender oil with dropper & UV light Amber packaging.
  • Great for massage therapy, bath salts, lip balm, face cream, DIY projects, & aroma therapy diffusers.
  • Grown in a beautiful sunlit valley at the foothills of the Balkans.
  • Safe for topical use; due to high concentration, it is recommended you dilute 2%
  • We Love our Lavish Lavender oil and want you to too. 100% Money back guaranteed.