This floral and fruity scent will have your sense reveling and sweep you off your feet like the sea. With dazzling hints of amber, musk, and woods, laced with unforgettable apple, blue-bell, cedar, bamboo, jasmine, and rose, LIGHT BLUE Ladies is an enchanting and melodic fragrance. With a sparkling decadence, LIGHT BLUE Ladies will soon become your go-to eau de toilette. A must for every woman’s collection, LIGHT BLUE Ladies has become a best-selling perfume, receiving rave reviews online from women worldwide. Are you the finder in your group? Wear LIGHT BLUE Ladies your friends will soon follow suit. Haven’t tried LIGHT BLUE Ladies yet? You’re in for a treat. This subtle and refreshing spray will be like a gentle breeze on a warm beach day; pure heaven. Whether you’re looking for a genius gift for your sister, the perfect parfume, a rollerball for your mother who loves to travel, or a refill for your empty bottle at home, Other brands can’t compare to the lovely scent of LIGHT BLUE Ladies. It truly is one of the best perfumes in the DOLCE & GABBANA collection. This is a perfect scent to wear at the beach, on an aquatic excursion, brunch with friends, or a dazzling evening with that special someone. The places you can wear LIGHT BLUE Ladies are endless just like your confidence will be with just one spritz. Packaged in a simple container, needs no frills or extra pizzaz. Unlocking the inner siren in you, and giving you instant and new confidence like you’ve never experienced, LIGHT BLUE Ladies is an enchantingly unique cologne with hints of organic apple, cedar, jasmine, rose, amber, musk, and woods, blended with essential oil to make a smell so inviting you won’t be able to turn away.

Product Features

  • Packaged in a simple clear .84 ounce bottle with blue top
  • An intoxicatingly charming scent like the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Swirls of apple blue bell bamboo cedar rose musk and woods
  • A floral and fruity fragrance with a freshness like the ocean
  • For the fun loving breezy beautiful siren in all of us