DOSIS de Pasion is an intense scent that conveys the intoxicating passion that you succumb to when you are madly in love…

The effervescent top notes of juicy orange and lemon combine with tropical pineapple with gusto. Refreshing melon and apple intermingle with fresh peach for an energy boost.
Ripe strawberry and plum are enveloped with fresh cut rose for a unique floral heart. Rich balsam and creamy vanilla are kissed with musk in the background.

Product Features

  • 3.3 Fl Oz. Made in the USA.
  • A spray of DOSIS DE PASSION is a dosage of love! Dosis De PASSION showcases the exciting displays of affection that occur when you start to care for him…
  • DOSIS fragrances are designed to lure, engage and captivate.
  • Each of the DOSIS fragrance bottles for women feature rich hues of color that mesh together creating a sense of movement in the sensual curves of the glass.
  • Perfect for gift giving! -A fashionable wearable ring of rhinestones is on the bottle!