Florence by Swiss Arabian – 100 ml (New Release)
Eau de Parfum for Women

The fragrance opens with a fizzy duo of bergamot and lemon which creates a juicy and colorful addiction. In the heart, one of the most beautiful rose has been selected, unveiling its pure and elegant tonalities. This floralcy is then infused with vanilla and praline for a sensual and modern addiction. The drydown is characterized by an elegant combination of woods. With different woody olfactive profiles, this combination offers a luxurious and powerful feeling: the right balance between intensity and light, addiction and sensuality. To bring out this carnal sensation, musks reveal subtleness and delicacy.

TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Lemon and Watery Accords
MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Vanilla and Praline
BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Musk

Product Features

  • BLEND: Florence is a feminine fragrance that encapsulates the allure of its namesake city, evoking centuries of intrigue and mysterious beauty.
  • EXOTIC: The radiant, zesty notes of Italian lemon and bergamot combine with refreshing aquatic accords like cascading fountains in a piazza. This delightful energy gradually segues into an afternoon of romantic roses, gilded with golden vanilla and indulgent sweet praline. The mouth-watering heart of the fragrance leads to earthy depths as you explore the labyrinth of the old town’s mysteries. With a velvet background of smooth sandalwood, patchouli and dreamy musks, Florence is the scent of a p
  • PERFORMANCE: Very long lasting with a great sillage rating. Olfactory fatigue, also known as nose-blindness, is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular scent after a prolonged exposure to it. It is a common occurrence with EDPs, such as this one. When you think that the scent has faded, ask a trusted friend to confirm if they still smell it on you. You will be surprised of their affirmative response when you actually still can not. Swiss Arabian’s EDPs should have longevity o
  • SAMPLES AVAILABLE: If you would like to try FLORENCE or our luxury collection, consider ordering the EDP Samples Collection (which currently features 21 of our best selling EDPs, including this one). You may also want to consider our Artisan Perfume Oil blends Sample Kit as well.
  • COLLECTION: Part of the Swiss Arabian (Dubai) range of exotic and luxury perfumes range including but not limited to the select Mabsoos and Dukhhon collection. A great companion for layering with Mukhallat, Rose and Musk Malaki, Musc Tahara, Persian and Concentrated Perfume Oils, etc.