Eau de Toilette Mademoiselle Amour 

A romantic gift contained in packaging covered in hearts is a mirror and a whimsical, fruity, and floral eau de toilette. Tangerine, apple, and strawberry, the components of the top note, begin the journey through the scent, transforming into a middle note bouquet of rose, jasmine, and sweet pea with a raspberry base. 

The eau de toilette is a natural spray created using traditional perfumery techniques from the town of Grasse. The fragrance, which consists of a floral, fruity scent, is packaged  with a mirror and zippered purse, all depicting heart motifs. 

Product Features

  • Mademoiselle Amour Eau de Toilette 1.7 fl oz
  • Travel Case
  • Travel Mirror
  • Made in France
  • Great for gift giving