Hesperides Eau De Parfum is a memorable full-bodied bouquet of citrus notes. Most citrus scents are simple in structure and evaporate quickly. I wanted to create a citrus perfume that is bolder, richer, and long lasting, says Lev Glazman, CEO of Fresh Inc. Lev strategically laced citrus notes throughout all the layers of this complex yet sparkling citrus perfume.
Top layer sparkles with Italian lemon, orange and grapefruit to give it a bright citrus zest.
The middle layer bubbles with effervescent bergamot, lotus flower and transparent jasmine.
The bottom layer warms with rhubarb, musk, and peach to enhance the sensuous yet sweet hints of this accord.

Product Features

  • Hesperides Eau de Parfum features a medley of varying citruses, including mandarin, grapefruit, and bergamot, that has depth but still maintains the classic, clean essence of a citrus that is so completely addictive. NOTES: Top Notes: mandarin, Italian lemon, grapefruit Middle Notes: bergamot, lotus flower, transparent jasmine Bottom Notes: rhubarb, musk, peach