Effortlessly Attract the Opposite Sex!

Does it ever seem like other guys have the upper hand with women? And no matter what
they say or how they look, girls just flock to them? Believe it or not, getting on their level
isn’t as hard as you think.

Healthy Vibes introduces our Healthy Attraction cologne, infused with pheromone oils to
ignite the attraction of the opposite sex! If you need a quick biology lesson, pheromones are
naturally produced chemicals that trigger responses from members of the same social group.
When girls catch a whiff of Healthy Attraction, they’ll feel stimulated, aroused and more
drawn to the wearer.

The secret is in our blend’s active male pheromones, Andronone and Copulandrone! They
mix with your body’s pH balance to create a unique aroma while kicking your pheromone
production into high gear. The result is a clean, masculine scent that’s refreshing, yet not
overwhelming. You can use it anywhere on your body for an effective, long-lasting cologne.

At Healthy Vibes, we always go the extra mile to ensure quality! Made in the USA without
animal cruelty, our cologne is sugar, sulfate and paraben free. It arrives to you in a
sophisticated glass bottle and provides wowing results.

Why Choose Healthy Attraction?

– Naturally attracts the opposite sex
– Clean, refreshing scent
– Mixes with your body’s pH balance
– Made in the USA
– Sulfate and paraben free

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Product Features

  • Arouse the Opposite Sex: What are pheromones? They’re natural chemicals released by the body to affect the behavior and psychology of others. As potent pheromone cologne, Healthy Attraction was designed to effectively entice, arouse, and allure the opposite sex!
  • Erotic Aroma: Bold and masculine, the scent of our pheromone perfume unleashes your primal instinct! The clean, refreshing smell is never overwhelming, and it pairs well with other colognes for layering. Spray it on your arms, neck, or body for long-lasting aroma.
  • Develop Your Scent: With Andronone and Copulandrone as the active male pheromones, Healthy Attraction mixes with each individual’s pH balance, developing your own unique scent! It also increases your pheromone output for better results and maximum attraction.
  • Made in the USA: Sulfate, paraben, and sugar free, our pheromones for men are safe, easy to use, and crafted without animal testing! The cologne arrives in a handsome glass bottle that was created in the United States to ensure our high quality standards are met.
  • Premium Brand: From world-class lubricants to naughty adult toys, Healthy Vibes is ready to help you simplify sex! Our store is your one-stop-shop for safe, trusted products that allow you to experiment and explore life’s pleasures with complete confidence.