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Why is this product for you?

Because you love fresh and discrete perfumes that give you an extra feeling of power and elegance. The Infinity perfume for men is the ultimate fragrance that any active person needs in order to get the finishing touches on your look and personal brand before getting out the door in the morning. From now on, you have a long lasting yet affordable fragrance that everybody will notice.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Top notes of lavender, mandarin and bergamot
  • Middle notes: coriander, lily, orange blossom
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • 100 ml bottle
  • Grey suede NovoGlow pouch included

Important note: Infinity is not associated with the brand name

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Product Features

  • WHY YOU NEED IT: If you are tired of generic fragrances and are constantly looking for a new scent that will become your personal touch everybody will know you for, then we have the perfect item for you: the fresh and rich Infinity by Sandora, a perfume with lavender and citrus notes.
  • THE BEST NOTES: In order to create this fragrance, we have started from refreshing green notes such as citrus and bergamot. The powerful top note of sage and cedar creates an exquisite scent that rests on the skin, a soft idea of a savage dream. You can now enjoy the freshness of this perfume everyday with Infinity, the scent of powerful men.
  • LONG LASTING: For any fragrance, the quality rests in the details. With Infinity, not only will any men enjoy a unique and rich scent, but the durability of this perfume will amaze even the most pretentious people. Infinity is a premium fragrance whose freshness you will be able to feel even after a long and hard day.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE: Whomever said that wearing a good perfume means spending a month’s savings has never felt Infinity by Sandora. The premium notes and undertones of this fragrance are not only a premium quality mix, but its affordable price makes it a must have for any men.
  • PERFECT PRESENT: If you too have in your life that powerful men that deserves to feel appreciated, then maybe offering him a perfume to match his personality and style is exactly what you have been searching for. Infinity is not only a high-quality fragrance, but it comes in an elegant 100 ml bottle with a grey suede NovoGlow pouch that give an extra elegant touch to your present.