Created with the world’s finest natural oud oil, “oud for greatness” is a highly prestigious oud with a strong signature. the oud for happiness, for harmony and for healing – oud for greatness a sacred scent to “hit heaven” and reach greatness.

Product Features

  • Sacred, Mystical, even Magical – some refer to it as the scent of nirvana, others refer to it as the scent of heaven. For all Oud creates happiness and joy
  • “Oud improves mental and spiritual state by creating balance, inner peace and personal growth.” Success and abundance result from such a positive state of mind. Its psychoactive properties are used to heal and to encourage meditation
  • To feel the high vibrational energy of Oud and its blessings INITIO created “OUD FOR GREATNESS”. Highly concentrated with the world’s finest natural Oud oil, “Oud for Greatness” is a highly prestigious Oud with a strong signature.
  • The Oud for Happiness, for Harmony and for Healing – Oud For Greatness a sacred scent to ‘Hit Heaven” and reach Greatness.