Rehab’s sweet whisps of Vanilla invade the senses under subtle hints of Tobacco, Patchouli, Gaiac and Sandalwood. A thread of Musk with herbacious and floral Lavender wrap around refreshing Bergamot.

Product Features

  • Rehab, a sweet-yet-smoky stunner possessed of an almost primally compelling magnetism.
  • The perfection lies in the sophisticated simplicity of the compostion- rich, sophisticated lavender and smoothly spiced tobacco set a vibrant yet refined tone, masculine-leaning but drop-dead sexy on just about anybody
  • As Rehab dries, smoky, creamy patchouli and vanilla create a warmly ambered aura that lingers for hours. We can’t tell you how to use the dangerously seductive power at your fingertips- but you’ve been warned