The new James Bond fragrance for men embodies the unique duality of Bond’s character: a smooth irresistible combination of masculinity and sophistication. Only an Aromatic Fougere the most virile, vibrant masculine of all perfume families – could bring to life Bond’s unique blend of masculinity and sophistication. At the time when the first Bond films of the 1960s revealed the ultimate masculine icon, the world of male fragrance witnessed the dawn of the unofficial hero scent signature for men – the Aromatic Fougere family of perfumes. This fragrance type epitomized the virile, vibrant masculinity of the times and continued to prosper into the 21st century. Just as Bond has evolved over the decades, so has the Fougere family to represent the perfect combination of raw masculinity and irresistible sophistication. In the new James Bond fragrance, the unapologetically masculine Fougere backbone contains lavender, moss and coumarin. These notes are modernized by the very sophisticated combination of fresh apple, intensely aromatic cardamom and full bodied sandalwood.

Product Features

  • Top notes: apple, bergamot, geranium
  • Mid notes: lavender, cardamom, rose thorn
  • Base notes: vetyver, patchouli, sandalwood
  • Fragrance family: aromatic fougere
  • Masculine, sophisticated, well groomed