It’s time to celebrate love with the King of fragrances, King of Love! It is made of out carefully selected
natural ingredients like Ruby Mandarin orange, grapefruit and flowers. A sense of freshness is added by the
splash of cooling garden mint with a hint of spices, warm white woods, a dash of amber and patchouli, giving
the entire cologne a soft leathery signature.

There are no harmful chemicals used in this cologne. All the elements in it are 100% natural and organic. Every
ingredient is careful selected and used in the right quantities with utmost precision and accuracy by our
skillful perfumers.

It comes in a very beautiful and vibrant glass bottle designed in the shape of love with a complementing king’s
crown as a lid. The vibrant yellow liquid cologne in it adds to its sheer elegance and opulence.
This lovely cologne could be one of the best gifting options for your loved ones. Surprise your King by gifting the King of Love.

Rejuvenate your senses and enjoy the passionate touch of the sweet fragrance of King of Love.

• It is a men’s cologne.
• It is made out of pure organic and natural ingredients.
• It is 100% natural and safe. No harmful chemicals used in it.
• It comes in a beautiful glass bottle designed in the shape of love.
• It is one of the best gifting options to your loved ones.

Product Features

  • A SIGNATURE COLOGNE FOR MEN – A sweet-scented and elegant cologne with a blend of royalty and a rich fragrance of fruits, spices, herbs and flowers. This scent is a sheer bliss of tranquility, rejuvenation and aroma complemented with love.
  • OPULENT DESIGN – The cologne comes in a beautiful heart shaped bottle with a mighty king’s crown as a lid, resembling the lovely heart of a king. The bottle is carefully and skillfully crafted out of glass symbolizing love and its purity.
  • BEST GIFT TO YOUR LOVED ONES – This would be a great gift for any male figure in your life. If you’re planning to surprise your man with a romantic gesture, look no more. Surprise your King with the King of Love.
  • MADE OUT OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Fresh top notes open with ruby mandarin orange, grapefruit and cooling garden mint. Awash with waves of aromatic herbs and spices blended with a juicy, fruity sensation, with notes of flowers, warm white woods, amber, and patchouli, giving a soft, leathery signature to the cologne.
  • NO CHEMICALS USED – No usage of harsh and harmful chemicals in this cologne. It is 100% natural and made of out of carefully selected natural and organic ingredients like fruits, spices, herbs and flowers.