Lilac is a familiar scent that as soon as you smell it you are propelled back to the first lilac bush you encountered, probably as a child. It could have been a lilac bush in the backyard of your childhood home or perhaps the lilac bush at grandma’s house. So you inhale this light, fresh, sweet floral scent and a flood of special memories come to life. This is lilac! We all love it. Everyone has a lilac story to tell. Lilac isn’t just for spring time; it is for any time you want to feel beautiful. This perfume is the true essence of the lilac flower. Tested on Friends and Family; Never Golden Retrievers!

Product Features

  • True Essence of Lilac Blossom – Pure Lilac Perfume
  • Brings Back Childhood Memories
  • Aromatic Floral – Just Like the Lilac Bush
  • Perfume Fragrance for Women & Teen Girls
  • Lovely – Light – Floral – Fresh as Spring