Inspired by the beauty of pure cotton, Mary Kay® Simply Cotton® Eau de Toilette is a clean, crisp and refreshing fragrance. Simple, yet sophisticated, Mary Kay® Eau de Toilette fragrances are so carefree and easygoing, you can change your scents of style just by adding a new scent to your fragrance wardrobe. So, go ahead,indulge in life’s little luxuries.

Product Features

  • The scent names are descriptive, clearly communicating what the different fragrances smell like
  • Everyday wearable and simple scents
  • Choose a new scent everyday
  • The simplicity, wide appeal, and low purchase risk for this collection make these scents attractive for gift-giving
  • The scents are easily identifiable and offer a wide range of options: Mary Kay® Sparkling HoneysuckleTM (Floral), Mary Kay® Warm AmberTM (Warm), Mary Kay® Exotic PassionfruitTM (Juicy), Mary Kay® Simply CottonTM (Clean)