The first thing you will notice when you power on this diffuser is the plume of mist that rises up, formed by the inside water droplets vibrating.
Run your hand through the mist – it’s cold. The oil isn’t burned like a traditional diffuser meaning the aromatherapy benefits are retained in the oil. 
Now hit the light button. The diffuser transforms through 7 colors like a personal rainbow. Hit the light button again and it stays on the color of your choice.


Large Tank Content: 300 ml
7 colorful LED light, set it either fade gradually through all of the colors or constantly light on any specific color you like the most. The diffuser and the light are turned on separately. You can choose to one or the other, or both function at the same time.
Press the mist button for 2 seconds to switch between the strong and weak mist
Auto waterless shut off: when the water runs out, the diffuser shuts off automatically for safety insurance.
Keep essential oil 100% natural without burning or heating.

Weight: 15.6 oz
Dimesion: 6.7(D)*6.7(D)*5.7(H)
Material: Upper parts PP 
Capacity of water tank: About 300ml 
Noise Level: less than 25 dB 
Input Power: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ 
Most advanced ultrasonic technology: 2.4MHz
Package Contents: 
1 x Aroma Diffuser 
1 x Wall Charger 
1 x Measuring Cup for Filling Water 
1 x User Manual 
*45 Days Money Back and 18 Months Warranty 
Note: Oil is not included in this package

Product Features

  • Multi-function: Aromatherapy Diffuser to release stress; Humidifier to increase air moisture for easier breathing and a good night’s sleep; Air purifier to reduces odors from pets, cooking and smoking with activated carbon; Ionizer to release negative ions; 7 colorful LED night light to set it either circle through all of the colors or constantly light on one specific color. The diffuser and the light are turned on separately.
  • Max Content: The diffuser holds 300ml of water and runs for hours on without needing a refill. With large capacity, it produces a stronger mist and fragrance. The mist is more visible on the high setting that’s good for a larger room.
  • Multiple Mist and Timer Option: Strong/weak mist; 60/120/360min/Continuous timer(last for 9-10 hours in weak mist mode).
  • Auto Shut-Off: Whisper-quiet (25db). Set the timer and the diffuser will shut down automatically after the chosen time is over and when water runs out.
  • Easy to Refill Clean: Unlike other diffusers with lids that are way too hard to grasp and open, this one can be simply lift up to refill and clean.