The Secret to Attract Men perfume with an amazing smell formulated by PhermaLabs trusted American human pheromones sold worldwide. PhermaLabs Attract Men for Women is formulated in Los Angeles, CA from a dedicated staff to not only create the finest pheromones product but a product that actually Works! By activating a Man’s attraction receptors within the brain. Get the advantage when going out and see for yourself the effectiveness pheromones! – Premium Human Sex Pheromones ‘powerful’ – Contains 25 mg of pheromones containing oxytocin, copulins, estratetraenol – Formula Perfume stays active for hours after spraying it all over your body – The Scent is amazing – PhermaLabs Premium Pheromones are rated #1 in American for Women to Attract Men – Guaranteed Satisfaction or your MONEY Back no questions asked! You stay with the product HOW IT WORKS: The body naturally produces and releases different levels of pheromones at different times depending on its current experience. When the brain experiences an intimate situation it causes many physiological changes in the body. One of these changes is that the body increases pheromone levels which cause sexual feelings in the other person. PhermaLabs human pheromones bypasses the brain, causing the body to produce and release higher quantities of pheromones without being in an intimate situation. This helps you become irresistible in any situation whether on a fist date, in a business meeting, or any time you want people to feel comfortable around you. The pheromones will be active for approximately 8 to 10 hours when applied on appropriate spots(neck, forearms, wrist) Pheromones can be worn just as you would wear any cologne. Simply apply a few sprays to your neck, forearms or any other part of your body. You can wear these pheromones during the day, at night or anytime you are interested in attracting the opposite sex. -1 oz Mist Spray Bottle -Shipped Discreetly!

Product Features

  • Instantly Attract Men GUARANTEED! Or your MONEY Back no questions Asked*
  • Premium pheromones to attract men and increase sex appeal with an Amazing smelling Scent
  • Blended formula that triggers attraction from the opposite sex containing: oxytocin, copulins, estratetraenol
  • Powerful pheromone 1oz perfume to get his attention and confort friendliness around you
  • Perfume contains only the finest quality pheromones in the market