Roja Parfums presents all three oud parfums from the Aoud Collection in a luxurious Parfums de Voyage Set. Aoud Parfum (30 ml) Sensual, exotic and mysterious – these are the attributes that you would ascribe to an excellently made oud fragrance and that’s exactly what Roja Dove’s Aoud deserves: Sumptuous, exuberant and opulent, an oriental that really deserves its name. A delicious oud with liqueur-like gourmand notes, rich, colorful, diverse and radiant. Musk Aoud (30 ml) Mysterious and very sensual – these are the attributes that Roja Dove ascribes to his Musk Aoud and he certainly keeps his promise: Musk Aoud oscillates between its two opposite poles – and precisely this ambivalence creates its charm and allure. Amber Oud (30 ml) Ambergris and oud – what a wonderful duo that Roja Dove offers us here! Smoky and spicy, the woody accentuated oud encounters the warmth of precious ambergris. Illuminated by Hesperides, kissed by saffron and accentuated by flirty, sweet-spicy cinnamon.

Product Features

  • 1x Roja Dove Amber Aoud Parfum 1 oz / 30 ml
  • 1x Aoud Parfum 1 oz / 30 ml
  • 1x Musk Aoud Parfum 1 oz / 30 ml