Perfume Rose Purple has a magical combination of wood and wine notes thanks to which its owner receives a source of inexhaustible happiness and energy.

The acquaintance with the scent begins with a combination of grapefruit, ginger and wheat.
Juniper berries, washed by the sea accord harmoniously coexist in the heart of the perfume composition.
Base notes of amber, cedar and gentle shades of musk laconically emphasize feminine sexuality and impeccable sense of taste.

Rose, one of the most beloved flowers of the beautiful half of humanity, has inspired Sergio Nero perfumers to create this fragrance line.
In many countries, rose is considered as a cult object, for hundreds of poets, musicians, artists this “Royal Flower” has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Rose perfumes allow each owner to enjoy absolute happiness and to forget about conventions.

The magical and intriguing sounds of Gold, Purple and Silver Violet fragrances enhance the sense of attraction, energize and improve the mood all year round.

It is generally believed that woody notes refer exclusively to male fragrances, although the palette of shades of this direction is very wide and is now quite often used in women’s perfumes.

Strong, energetic, stylish and passionate modern women bravely choose fragrances with notes of cypress, oud, cedar, vetiver or patchouli in the middle of the composition.
Lovers of pure, fresh scents may safely choose compositions based on blue iris, noble cedar, myrtle or musk.
The woody notes of sandalwood and juniper gift the aroma with softness, warmth and tenderness.

The woody notes are appreciated for their constancy, tranquility, nobility and greatness.

Product Features

  • The intriguing accord of the ROSE PURPLE aroma enhances the feeling of attractiveness and improves the mood
  • Woody fragrance
  • TOP NOTES: grapefruit, ginger, wheat, grass. MIDDLE NOTES: rose, sea accord, juniper berries. BASE NOTES: amber, cedar, musk
  • Our EXCLUSIVE and ORIGINAL women’s fragrances are ideal as for everyday personal use and as a gift for a birthday, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and any other occasion
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