Serge’s dream is for everyone to take a moment and indulge in Serge Normant avah eau de parfum. Let that single moment allow your sensuality to unfurl. Enter the exotic. Avah means desire and life and has so many other beautiful origins. Avah eau de parfum is inspired by all of the strong, beautiful, nurturing, inspirational women in Serge’s life and yours. Serge wanted to develop a fragrance that was meant to be an indulgence to use freely all over, including the hair. A unique formulation was developed for this very purpose. Embracing Serge’s travels to exotic cultures around the world, avah encompasses alluring and exquisite notes of ylang ylang, jasmine, amber, soft woods and musks to create a sensual fragrance experience. Jojoba, aloe vera and vitamin E add to the unique composition with their caring, nourishing properties.

Product Features

  • A beautiful, nurturing, inspirational smell
  • Meant to be a scent of indulgence
  • Can be used on hair