Shakira worked in close collaboration with the perfumer, exploring her favorite scents, olfactory memories from her childhood, colors, sounds and moments that inspire her today: the scents of her dreams and aspirations. The result was the development of a fragrance with character, but which also manages to be delicate. This balance between strength and delicacy was achieved by bringing together three essential ingredients that together represent the scents that Shakira loves: bright jasmine, which gives a femine feel, sandalwood, which provides a pure, sensual note and an oriental dream accord, which is the base and soul of the perfume. This accord is created through a fusion of resins, such as benzoin, an amber note and vanilla to give an evocative, eastern feel. It’s a fragrance that isn’t complicated or contrived. It’s just three simple ingredients that, together, manage to express the essence of Shakira.

Product Features

  • Sweet oriental
  • A fusion of seduction and mystery
  • Hot latino