The “Scientists” in the Grim Labs have been at it again, this time they bring you Smolder Cologne. This is The Blades Grim’s highly praised scent “Smolder” that is a warm, masculine and subtle mixture bottled up. Now applying the fragrance is more convenient than ever before. Designed so one spray is never too much, the cologne can be used generously for a stronger smell or lightly for the subtle hint of masculine cleanliness customers have grown to love. Pin-pointing the scent to this fragrance is impossible, trained Idaho Hunting Hounds have narrowed it down, but even they can get the scent confused. It is best described as a warm and toasty accord of creamy camphorous notes, subtle hints of citrus and a masculine gourmand base. Clean, Fresh and Warm!

Product Features

  • Cologne that’s made in America
  • Small Batch Produced for Premium Quality Cologne
  • Smolder is a highly praised masculine fragrance – Warm. Fresh. Clean.
  • By The Blades Grim – A brand you can trust in Men’s Grooming – Go Grim
  • Designed so one spray is never too Much. Scent can be subtle if desired