Angel Perfume for Women .85 oz Refillable Eau De Parfum Spray As of the birth of Angel in 1992, Thierry Mugler breaks the codes of traditional perfumery to give to the women a single perfume, immediately recognizable: a perfume ever felt, never considering, ever imagined… which will become a reference. While drawing from his memories of childhood, Thierry Mugler gives life to a perfume glamour which rests on the unexpected one and daring marriage of the patchouli and greedy savours. A perfume of woman semi angel semi demon, envoûtante and released. Jewel of the technical prowesses, the Star of Angel, drawn by Thierry Mugler itself, will leave in the history of the bottles of perfume the trace of the true innovations. Cut in the blue of the sky, faceted like a diamond, the Star collects the light to shine of all its glare. Revealing our major dreams, this messenger of the firmament takes care on us… Notes: Citrus, Melons, Peaches Plums, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli. Style: Unique, Delicious, Hypnotic Recommend Use: Day, Evening, Night To refill the Shooting Star Bottle, follow these simple instructions: Step 1. Pull the star cap off of the bottle Step 2. Unscrew the nozzle inside Step 3. Place the funnel into the hole at the top of the bottle Step 4. Pour the refill bottle into the refillable bottle Step 5. Replace the nozzle, and cap making sure that the cap “clicks” into place

Product Features

  • Thierry Mugler Angel