Zahra translates to “blossoming flower” in Arabic. The fragrance embodies the unfolding of the flawless, radiant beauty of youth. This is a fruity floral oriental fragrance that you apply with a dipstick and one that gradually turns mildly spicy. It starts with fruity notes and builds to a body of Rose, Jasmine, Marigold, Mimosa (Sleeping Grass), Saffron, Berries, before ending with Sandal, Vetiver and Vanilla.

Swiss Arabian Zahra perfume oil is a feminine fragrance that will make sure you are unforgettable wherever you go.

» a floral, fruity fragrance
» for the optimistic woman
» for daily wear, especially in warm weather

Olfactory Information:
Base Notes: Sandal, Vetiver, Vanilla
Middle Notes: Marigold, Berries, Mimosa
Top Notes: Fruity, Green

Fragrance category: floral, oriental

Product Features

  • Mouthwatering: floral and fruity fragrance has a slight woody (sandalwood) infusion blend for a fresh and joyful experience.
  • Sexy: an Eau de Parfum concentrated perfume oil for women that is irresistibly seductive and unique. Modern, optimistic, intimate and feminine, like a second skin.
  • Performance: Long to very long lasting with great sillage rating.
  • Natural: alcohol free and all natural organic oriental Oudh perfume (Sandalwood).
  • ZAHRA is part of Swiss Arabian’s exotic range of perfumes and concentrated perfume oils with a speciality in oud based fragrances.